You are currently viewing 5 best skills to learn from the internet during the lockdown

5 best skills to learn from the internet during the lockdown

In this pandemic situation the most productive way to keep yourself skillful the best skills you can these days skill you can learn is: WordPress development, Graphic Designing, Digital marketing, Ecommerce business.



In development field the best innovative and trendy at the moment is word press development. The WordPress coding comparative to ordinary development is more efficient than normal android web and app development because it has its own built-in functionalities and can build your own website through multiple advance plugins and can make development easier by developing your website with Elementor.

We can also make websites more responsive and attractive cause in WordPress development it makes easier in order customizing the site the benefit of developing a site through WordPress is that you can easily create a website without a hassle while creating in other platforms you get in a lot of trouble creating a web or an app a lot of working is done.

Now a day’s e-commerce web development has a lot of market approach as compared to other developers at the moment WordPress developers have a lot demand due to efficiency of work and time saving for developers in every way.

While working on the word press platform the work get easier creates some restriction but developing becomes fun for a developer. As for ease can use plugins to develop a site and can develop a site with help of built-in themes and can create own plugins also comparative to android development have to provide your best in order to develop a site

As a developer you can develop multiple websites as a freelance and can be boss of your own can also earn at your home rather being instructed and supervise by someone

Next skill which is on trend and can help you out to be productive is Graphic Design. Graphic designing is also a good skill in order to good grip on graphics for designer interested persons.


Designer can modify logo, can change editorial design, way finding etc. The seeking knowledge as a graphic designer is that you make simple object into something special which can create client’s attraction but the design should be beyond their expectations. The work of Graphics designer is to provide visual concepts of the designs and to get what user requirements are. The designer itself can market and advertise itself if they are willing to develop a design because marketing is a part of designing. It also includes analyzing and visualization of design web designing is a part of designing to motion designing which is also is a part of video.

Other than that, the graphic designer can earn as a freelance to if the skills are high then company also hires enthusiastic and skilled person. In order to get clients, trust first have to provide the best service with minimal cost ratios as there are a lot of designers in the market and providing design in high-cost-rate and low-cost but depends of quality of work the designers is providing to client. Mostly design that are in market right now are business design product design enterprise designs. The first two are in the market then enterprise as every designer are providing design for their business or designs for their upcoming arrivals


Next skill that a person can learn is digital marketing. As by words digital marketing is all about to market your products, content etc.

Through different devices you channelize your product and gather customer and client through your marketing.

Now their multiple types of marketing content marketing SEO Optimization email marketing, social media, viral marketing and so on just have to choose proper content or innovative product which catches client’s easily.

A client checks every aspect of design in depth e.g., pixels issue or plagiarisms etc. have to always be careful about these small things which doesn’t look big things but are things to keep in mind. Email marketing you gather multiple client data through organization and channelize your product’s and provide proper details about that product’s. In Viral marketing the user provides details and marketize product according to viral ratio that how aa product is being marketed or takes its place its market. People try google ads for marketing but usually huge platforms use google ads techniques for marketing cause it’s a kind of a hassle but mostly marketing in trend and ease to implement is done through social networking platforms as they have the highest numbers of traffic and have trillions of a data in just single day


The next skill set or starting a business is of e-commerce. Now drop-shipping business is a good opportunity for starters to develop a good name in business mainly common mistakes starters make that lets take an example of amazon.

In vendors and investors mindset have some kind of fear that e-commerce business is kind of risk taking and cannot run up or overcome their goals but unfortunately the results are opposite.

In drop shipping business/ecommerce business the most people try to sell directly on platforms without applying any marketing strategies focusing and working on quality of product also focusing on marketing of product

See for starters the e-commerce business is like a bomb to them but in real the strategies are main in order to gather customers. Depends on how much a person spends on marketing to marketize his product focusing. E-commerce platform Amazon is a wide multi vendor dropping shipping business platform. On Amazon most vendors that makes mistake is that they repeatedly hunger for more sales and amazon platform has its set limit for month that a vendor can sales up to certain percentile. After that amazon platform monitors the vendors.

After that check quality of product sales and everything and if they find anything suspicious or something fishy, they block transactions, amounts and blocks that account. Customers need some kind of benefits and ease so that they approach that online platform. The owner of biggest online platforms which were once a big disaster now after applying different strategies to their business and learning about online business applying techniques on their business so that the online platform could reach the market. After sometime it happened their platforms are in top commerce platforms now

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