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Contra Tec offers you FreeNAS storage services; an operating system to share vast amount of data over a shared network. It is by far the most approachable way for data storage and sharing over a network. It is composed of ZFS files to store and manage your data along with functioning over FreeBSD operating system. Moreover, FreeNAS performs an additional job providing torrent downloads, Plex and transforms a device into a shared hub to extract from. For home, office and schools, FreeNAS works the best for you! Get it now to receive unmatchable features and well supported traits.


Below are some of its features:
1- Want to have the best file sharing experience Try FreeNAS Operating System, supported by AFP (Apple File Share), SMB/CIFS (Windows File Share), NFS (Unix File Shares) and more.
2- FreeNAS simplifies all administrative tasks as it is managed by a web user interface.
3- It has the remarkable feature of being an ultimate open source to provide encryption on ZFS volumes.
4- It provides a complete data protection along with storage and sharing.