Contra Tec proudly introduces set of our IT solutions and services that provide support, mandatory backup and security solutions customized to your needs. Our services resolve complicated issue and bottlenecks in a network system for a streamline process. Our dynamic team delivers sustainable IT Solutions in the long run. We apply modern technology, limited time frames, and error free methodologies to make your systems secure and robust. We provide services to startups, mid-tier companies and established names with equality and in professional manner.

Cloud Services

For your data storage needs, we refer you our cloud storage and services accordingly. Opting for cloud solutions your gigantic data is independently secured in an external server, saving you from immense investments in storage devices.

Virus and Spyware Removal

We have introduced virus and spyware removal services to keep your data intact and safe. We offer you the adequate series of virus- fighting software which terminate apparent and insidious viruses in your network and operating systems.

Data Recovery & Backup Plans

We have launched our data recovery and backup services to bring you the best backup technology for your present and future IT requirements. Our backup and disaster recovery services cater equally from large enterprises to digital startups.

Network Designing

Our dynamic team of expert network designers that incredibly cater to your designing needs. We map out all you currently working networking devices and systems, and reorder their entire arrangement to achieve maximum productivity.

Cyber Security & Protection

Our cyber security solutions deliver the absolute protection of systems, networks and databases from external attacks. With our proficient security, we make your network robust against every intrusion that nothing can break into it.

FreeNAS Operating System

The FreeNAS Storage Services To Provide You With The Functional, Safe Shared Network For Data Sharing Needs. Contra Tec offers you FreeNAS storage services an operating system to share vast amount of data over a shared network.