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Torque Corporation owns the dynamic team of expert network designers that incredibly cater to your designing needs. We map out all you currently working networking devices and systems, and reorder their entire arrangement to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. We kick-start our networking job by analyzing infrastructure of your company, available space and devices. Our executed network designs improve productivity, save energy and streamline the work flow.
Our network designers consider the following factors while networking:
1- Layout of all cabling.
3- Total number of devices to be networked together.
2- IP Address.
4- Network Security Coding
In our workforce, we have experienced network designers perform a detailed analysis of a company’s existing network and its unmet requirements. After the designing process, the network draft is submitted to company’s operational management for approval. After series of amendments (if needed), our experts move towards the execution process. While implementing a network plan, we prioritize the security aspects along with enhanced efficiency.