Get Professional Virtual Assistant Services To Enhance Your Business

Contra Tec proudly introduces set of our IT solutions and services that provide support, mandatory backup and security solutions customized to your needs. Our services resolve complicated issue and bottlenecks in a network system for a streamline process. Our dynamic team delivers sustainable IT Solutions in the long run. We apply modern technology, limited time frames, and error free methodologies to make your systems secure and robust. We provide services to startups, mid-tier companies and established names with equality and in professional manner.

What Do We Think About Virtual Assistant Services?

We believe that delegating customized, service management, and digital marketing strategies through virtual assistants can lead to success for businesses. We have teams who are highly qualified and ready to begin working for your company right away, and we can help you with a variety of office activities as well as marketing efforts.
We already are known to many around the world. We have no plans to slow development anytime soon. We always strive to give clients a one-of-a-kind, customized solution that allows them to grow their business while improving their efficiency, online availability, and productivity of employees.

Benefits Of Hiring Virtual Assistant Help

We couldn’t possibly cover all of the advantages of hiring the best virtual assistant as per your needs;

Lower Operating Costs

Virtual assistant packages are competitively low. When you hire a full-time professional employee for your organization, you also have to bear the following along with the monthly salary:

  • Taxation
  • Sick Leaves
  • Vacation leave
  • Compensation for employees
  • Medical coverage

This implies that they are responsible for all of their expenses, including medical insurance and taxations. You just employ somebody to do a specific job and compensate them for their time. Consider how much money you’ll save that could be put to greater use of your business or organization.

Set Of Skills Your Company/Business Needs

Whether your company is big or just a start-up, it’s doubtful that you and your employees possess all of the skills required to run it.

  • What would you do if you need a quality website but don’t have access to a web developer?
  • What would you do if you need a new corporate logo but have no graphic designers on board?
  • What would you do if you need to convert your promotional material into a second language but neither of your employees is multilingual?

This is where a virtual assistant’s help comes in handy. You can hire a VA with the skill set you require to complete the specific job.

Flexibility And Ability To Adapt

You’re not bound by a 9-5 schedule when you work with a virtual assistant hiring. They work according to your schedule and are available whenever you require help. It can also come in handy if you’re in separate time zones. You can create a timetable that maximizes production while keeping costs low, rather than assigning eight-hour shifts to a full-time employee.
In the unusual case that you’re unsatisfied with the services, you may simply terminate the contract and hire a new one. With a full-time employee, things aren’t always so straightforward as you have to answer valid reasons.

Higher Bar For Quality

How often do you take out time checking emails, returning phone calls, or maintaining your website each day? How much more efficient can you really be if someone else took care of all those unimportant tasks? You’d be able to invest more time in building and marketing your company as a result.
You’ll also save time and effort by not having to retrain your employees on a regular basis. Why not hire a virtual assistant online who already has all of those abilities instead of training them over every new innovation and technology along?

Lower Risk Of Operations Expansion

Perhaps you’ve reached a stage in your business when you’re uncertain what will happen next. The statistics point to improvement, but you have no idea when or how soon it will occur. A virtual assistant team could be the ideal solution in this case as well.
Rather of hiring new and full-time employees, hire a virtual assistant that can help you to manage your workload without spending a lot of money. If your business grows and you require additional help, just engage another VA to support you through the move.

An Increase In Productivity

The average worker performs less than 3 hours for actual productivity out of the total 8-hours workday. Why pay another employee to sit at the cafeteria and browse the internet?
Virtual assistants operate in a unique way. They can focus and commit their time to get work completed without the interruptions of an office environment. As they’re self-employed, customer satisfaction is their top priority. If they begin missing the deadlines, the employer is doubtful to hire them again. As a result, virtual assistants are a self-motivated group of professionals.

Set Of Virtual Assistant Services We Provide

Booking Keeping and Verification

At all times, provide client convenience. Allow our virtual assistants to arrange excursions and meetings for you in advance, as well as confirm essential appointments for your customers or business partners.

Data Entry

With data entry services through virtual assistance, you may spend less time on routine activities. While focusing on your main operations, easily input critical details and information for documenting and updating customer and business records.

Management of Documents

Email correspondence, appointments, and work schedules are all handled easily with our virtual assistant email management. Keep track of vital information, as well as important dates and meetings regarding your company, more effectively.

Call Supervision And Executive Support

We have professional virtual assistants you may assign to keep an eye on key calls and increase the efficiency of your executive activities, which includes helping you in designing and executing long- and short-term business goals & strategies.

Customer Service and Communication

If there's one thing people value more than a company with high customer satisfaction and loyalty, it's a company that provides service 24/7. Our virtual assistant help can help you showcase your brand to the target market.

Social Media Management

Our virtual assistant services for social media management are well-versed in managing the most extensively used social networking sites, whether you wish to target your digital marketing and leads generation efforts on one or various social media platforms.


Get realistic video and audio data and message interpretations and translations. For a variety of businesses, we've transformed many audio and video files into relevant text and e-documents. The best feature is that our transcription prices are reasonable.

Tasks Of The Liaison Officer

Our team has specialist that helps you coordinate with many agencies, organizations, and departments to achieve goals critical to your company's expansion and growth.

Is there a Virtual Assistant task that isn't on the list? Contra Tec offers flexible outsourcing options that are customized to your company's needs.

Who Else To Expect From Us?

With much more than a simple virtual assistant company, we’ve served companies all around the globe that are specialized in multiple niches. This is why we have a variety of experiences in various fields.
Some of the basic services that our platform can provide to all businesses and organizations are the following.


Web and Mobile
App Development
Software Development
Virtual Reality
Artificial Intelligence
Web Development


Web Designing Business stationery
Marketing material
Social Media Posts
UI/UX Designing
Theme Designing (Web/Android)
Logo Designing


E-Commerce Business
Expert Branding Service


Outbound Sales
Outbound Customer Support


Marketing Content Writer
Article & Blog Writing
Web Content Writing


SEO Services
Social Media Marketing


2D/3D Animations
Film Making
Logo Animation
Video Editing


Cloud Services
Data Recovery & Backup Plan
Cyber Security
FreeNas Operating System
Network Designing
Virus And Spyware Removal

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Virtual Assistant Work?

Virtual assistants became more popular as startups depend on cloud computing to cut expenses, and all businesses now make maximum use of the Internet for day-to-day operations. A virtual assistant is a private professional, therefore a company doesn’t necessarily have to pay the same incentives or pay higher taxes as a full-time worker.
Furthermore, because the virtual assistant operates remotely, the business’s office does not require a workstation. A virtual assistant offers their own personal computer, software, and top-speed Internet connections.

What Exactly Our Virtual Assistant Can Do?

Virtual assistance can do multiple things as per his or her qualification and experience in the relevant industry. You can hire an expert for each niche of the business regardless of its size or nature.

What Do You Mean By Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant works from a remote place to provide different services to businesses or organizations. From personal tasks to digital marketing responsibilities, organizing appointments, and managing occasions. A virtual assistant is able to do anything practically as per their qualification and experience. A virtual assistant usually works from home, but may access important planning materials such as linked calendars from anywhere. Virtual assistants frequently have years of experience working as programmers, designers, writers, IT solutions, digital marketing, and many more. Virtual assistants with skills in programming, graphic designing, business solution, business consultancy, call center services, content development, digital marketing, are finding new jobs. The demand for experienced virtual assistants is projected to rise as working from home becomes more accepted by both employees and businesses.